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10.12.12 JT and Back Squats


Back Squats – 4 x 1

HSPU, ring dips, games pu



Honey badger doesn’t give a shit.

4 responses to “10.12.12 JT and Back Squats

  1. Hermitizer ⋅

    12:50 but not really cause my shit looked WEAK.
    235 on back squats

    BTW guys. I’m gay.

  2. Louden Swain ⋅

    Sub: floor fucks for games, ring wobbels for dips, and inverted shoulder shrugs for HSPU.

    It was a geat time during my 20 min of fun!

    Also I love BFC. I can’t get enough.

  3. ernie. ⋅


    135*5, 155, 175, 185, 195 (4*1)

  4. King of the Sluts ⋅

    I missed all of you terribly this morning and felt very ostracized from the team revelry that has kept me coming…I hear all the hotties at LA Fitness will pay attention and motivate me so I may try it.

    215 (4 x 1)
    11:25 w/ shitty range of motion on HSPU and ring dips

    Hopefully Mike likes weak, bald Jewish guys b/c if so, I may have a shot.

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