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10.23.12 Row, Row, Row your Pood…

foam roller free elements; 14 x pass through; burgener w/ 10 OHS at end x 2 + Side Plank Right x 3 Left x 3 w/ 30 second holds
10 x hanging hollow rock; wall sit adduction x 1 min; 10 x samson stretch; 10 x para plyo jump

Buy In: Athlete’s Choice
SitUp Get Up x40 or Wall Ball Shot x35

Pull Up Practice: 12 minutes

W.O.D. 2 RFTx
Hand Release Push-up x10
One Arm Row Right x25 (1/1.5pood)
DU x100
One Arm Row Left x25 (1/1.5pood)
Back Squat x50 (95/65) – Clean from floor



Honey badger doesn’t give a shit.

4 responses to “10.23.12 Row, Row, Row your Pood…

  1. ernie. ⋅

    12 emotm 2*20# weighted pull ups dead hang

    4 rft: 10 Gpu, 25 20# rows(r), 100 single understand, 25 20# rows(l) Appx 11:00

    Saving legs for hockey.

  2. Warren Webber ⋅

    13:45 – 5 seconds = 10:15
    No Like
    50# kb (SDHP) 95# BS

  3. TWENTY FIVE # wall ball shots – NOT 20# which is for Randal’s
    13:25 on the WOD w/ 40# kb and 75# for squats
    skipped the pull up practice b/c we were busy girl talking

  4. Hermitizer ⋅

    14:30 50#kb 95# squats.
    What. Ever.

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