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10.24.12 Two Months to X-mas – Go Jesus!

Warm Up – foam roller free elements
Burgener w/ 10 OHS at end + Side Planks @ 30sec x 3 R/L
Pigs on skates x 20; hollow rock x 10; bushman x 1 min, samson stretch x 10, leg swings, bottom 2 bottom squats x 25

BuyIn: *3 RFTx
HR-PushUp x5
Butterfly SitUp x10
Airsquat x15

W.O.D. *14 minute AMRAP
Plank Alternating Shoulder Tap x20
KB Swing/American (1/1.5pood) x15
Box Jump x10
PullUp x5



Honey badger doesn’t give a shit.

3 responses to “10.24.12 Two Months to X-mas – Go Jesus!

  1. Broken ⋅

    Didnt time the first WOD cause Ceaser was whining about it.
    did 7 rounds of the second + planks and 5 kb swings of round 8 – used 50# kb and box with 2 45’s on it
    Randal and Rob were sorely missed as I have run out of conversation starters with Mike.

  2. 8 rounds + planks, swings, 2 box jumps. 53#kb. eric talks too much.

  3. ernie. ⋅

    I did time the warm up, but forgot the time.

    8 rounds in 15 min amrap.

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