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goals and my future.

So…on wednesday at the gym, ernie pointed out that we are a month past due on our membership. Which kind of makes this decision time. After thinking about it for at least a few minutes, I’ve kind of decided I’m going to train for an ironman next year. Which means (bleh) swimming. Which means bhs probably won’t work. So….yeah. I guess I’ll be joining Randal scoping the talent at la fitness. I don’t think I’ll be swimming/biking/riding every day, at least not yet, so I’m all for y’all joining me/us there. *Sniff* If I were capable of emotion, I’m sure I’d be feeling something right now. As it is, I’m more getting bored of typing. Godspeed and good luck to you.




Honey badger doesn’t give a shit.

3 responses to “goals and my future.

  1. Whatever. I don’t care. No LA Fitness for me. Been there. Done that.

    For me, I love my morning workouts. It’s my thing and I plan to keep on doing it and for me that means continuing to crossfit. This has opened up something for me that kind of brings together a lot of what I was doing but in a much more functional and useful way. I am going to continue to see this through…maybe even doing weekends at New Species…who knows?

    In any event, I wish the two of you the best at LA Fitness. They welcome the gays with open arms so you two friends of Dorothy should fit right in. If you ever want to find me in the mornings, i will likely be at BHS. I will leave Honeybadger behind and start up a new blog so that you two can track your quest to be each others iron man without me impinging on the photos you will post of your new bath house jaunts.

    In all honesty, thank you for the past few months. It was good getting to know you guys. I enjoyed the camaraderie of working out in the mornings with others and learning this whole new world of exercising. See ya on the flip side bitches!

  2. I miss your musk, eric.
    After thinking about it over the weekend, now I’m thinking I don’t really want a road bike. maybe off-road tri’s are better.

    • :( ⋅

      If that’s a euphemism for u wanting to do untoward things to me u are going about it all wrong. I am partial to chocolates and diamonds. No flowers. Allergic.

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