goals and my future.

So…on wednesday at the gym, ernie pointed out that we are a month past due on our membership. Which kind of makes this decision time. After thinking about it for at least a few minutes, I’ve kind of decided I’m going to train for an ironman next year. Which means (bleh) swimming. Which means bhs probably won’t work. So….yeah. I guess I’ll be joining Randal scoping the talent at la fitness. I don’t think I’ll be swimming/biking/riding every day, at least not yet, so I’m all for y’all joining me/us there. *Sniff* If I were capable of emotion, I’m sure I’d be feeling something right now. As it is, I’m more getting bored of typing. Godspeed and good luck to you.



10.28.12 Fun with physics. Fulcrum here I come!

5 minute RC WarmUp
+PVC/OHS/3rd Degree PassThru – real warm up to come…

TGU x 8 each side alternating of same load 

W.O.D. – 10 RFTx

PullUp x10
 / Carry KB to next station

HR PushUp x10
 / Carry KB to next station

20m Leg Bound Bear Crawl
 / Carry KB to first station

**Kettlebell (1/1.5/2pood) is transported throughout the WOD and is placed in area where you initiate each movement

10.27.12 Let’s Get Physical

Warm up to come…stay tuned…

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

12 round alternating Tabata* of:

Deadlifts, 60% of 1RM
 / Burpees
 / Anchored sit-ups, (using barbell)

Post loads and total reps to comments.
 One Tabata round is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You have the 10 seconds of rest to transfer to the next movement.

10.24.12 Two Months to X-mas – Go Jesus!

Warm Up – foam roller free elements
Burgener w/ 10 OHS at end + Side Planks @ 30sec x 3 R/L
Pigs on skates x 20; hollow rock x 10; bushman x 1 min, samson stretch x 10, leg swings, bottom 2 bottom squats x 25

BuyIn: *3 RFTx
HR-PushUp x5
Butterfly SitUp x10
Airsquat x15

W.O.D. *14 minute AMRAP
Plank Alternating Shoulder Tap x20
KB Swing/American (1/1.5pood) x15
Box Jump x10
PullUp x5

10.23.12 Row, Row, Row your Pood…

foam roller free elements; 14 x pass through; burgener w/ 10 OHS at end x 2 + Side Plank Right x 3 Left x 3 w/ 30 second holds
10 x hanging hollow rock; wall sit adduction x 1 min; 10 x samson stretch; 10 x para plyo jump

Buy In: Athlete’s Choice
SitUp Get Up x40 or Wall Ball Shot x35

Pull Up Practice: 12 minutes

W.O.D. 2 RFTx
Hand Release Push-up x10
One Arm Row Right x25 (1/1.5pood)
DU x100
One Arm Row Left x25 (1/1.5pood)
Back Squat x50 (95/65) – Clean from floor

10.22.12 Speed (dunno what to sub) and yet another wonder WOD

Warm-up: foam roller free elements
Running Drills – butt kicks, high knees, lateral shuffle, pose, dive & drive, backward run – all x 2
12 x hollow rock, 12 x air squats, 12 x mountain climbers, 12 x samson stretch, 12 x games p.ups

Resistance runs, 20m x5, 1.5 minute rest between runs (not sure what to sub here)

For time:
50 overhead walking lunges, 25/10lbs
10 burpee pull-ups, 12 inch target
40 overhead walking lunges, 25/10
8 burpee pull-ups, 12 inch target
30 overhead walking lunges, 25/10
6 burpee pull-ups, 12 inch target
20 overhead walking lunges 25/10
4 burpee pull-ups, 12 inch target
10 overhead walking lunges, 25/10
2 burpee pull-ups, 12 inch target