What the fuck was I thinking?


10.10.12 KB and Nicole

Oh! The Life of a Kettlebell

WARMUP; **40 yds. (20 out 20 back)
Running Drills; Butt Kicks; High Knees; Straight Arm Pose; Karaoke; Dive n Drive; Backwards Run

Pass Thrus x10; AirSquats x10; Tuck Jumps x10; Samson Stretch x10 steps

2 Kettlebell Complex (previous W.O.D. Version)
**Partner Up – Each Athlete is to perform 4 rounds of the following triplet:
*Clean to Rack
*Rack to Jerk (clear the ear)
*Back to Rack
***Perform 4 full complexes for each turn you take. Your partners work is your rest period.

20 Minute AMRAP of: 400m Run; Max PullUps (Bring Rings if you have them)
***Note total rounds + Total Pull Ups to comments.

10.9.12 More BS…Meet at Gym

Warm Up
**All of the following x10 except for Burgener
***Go through all 2x
•Pass Thru; Mountain Climbers; Big Hollow Rock; Burgener 3×3 w/Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat x10@end; Shoot Thru; Air Turkish Get Up

Man Test: 1 pood Russian Kettlebell Swing x50 Unbroken (Meaning NEVER STOP) – Each set down/stop results in a 5 burpee penalty at the end

**7 RFTx: SitUp GetUp x10; Wall Ball x15; Bear Crawl x20yds. (10 out 10 back)

10.8.12 This Blows…Meet at Gym??

Warm Up: Running Drills x40 yds (20 out 20 back); Butt Kicks; High Knees; Karaoke; Backwards Run; Lateral Shuffle; Straight Arm Pose; Dive + Drive (1st five steps)
**All of the above x2

•Air Squats x12; Samson Stretch x12 steps; Pigs on Skates x12; Para-Plyo Jump x12; Shoulder Leads – Across Chest – Overhead x12; Games Push Ups x12


**FLYING BURPEE – A.K.A. Burpee Broad Jump – No Clap – Just Broad Jump

10.1.12 All manner of things…

Warm Up:Foam Roller – Free Elements, Pass Thru x12 (Big Press @ top), Reverse Hyper x12, Pigs on Skates x12, Hanging Hollow Rock x12, Bushman Pose x1minute,
Running Drills x20yds., HiKnee, BKicks-DDrive, KrOke, FxPose, LShuffle
**All above x2

Stability/Endurance W.O.D.
**Kettlebell/Dumbell Complex Century
**100 RFTx of the following movments:
KB/DB Clean to Rack – Rack to Jerk – Overhead Squat – Switch

Warm Up:Foam Roller – Free Elements, Burgener WarmUp 3×3 w/OHS x10, Wall Sit/Adductors x1minute, samson Stretch x10 steps, Skin The Cat – Still Rings x5, Para Plyo Jump x10, Big Hollow Rock x10
**All of the above x2

• Weighted PushUp 3-3-2-2-1-1-1

**15 Minute AMRAP of:Chest to Bar Pull Up x5 (Sub Supine or Negatives), Ring Dips x10 (Sub Static Dips/Bench Dips), Heavy Single Dumbell Carry x20yds (No Hard Drops!)

Warm Up:Foam Roller – Free Elements,Pass Thru’s x12, 45# Overhead Plate Hold – 1 minute, Air Squat x12, Bushman Pose x1 minute, Long Stretch x8, Hanging Hollow Rock x12, Rolling Pistols x10
**All of the above x2

C2 Breathing Ladder
• Row 100m
• Rest for10 full breaths
• Repeat 100m attempts until the ERG reads 1,000m
• 10 attempt limit – The flywheel coast counts
• Example: Row from 0 to 100m….by the time the flywheel stops, the ERG may read 115m. Your next attempt will be to to row from 115m to 215m….Rest 10 breaths then row from 215m to 315m. The final flywheel reading may land on 330….and so on until the ERG reads 1,000m.

**Back Squat
• 3-3-3-3-3

9.27.12 Rxd warm up; weighted pull up, Strength met con = Icky!

Day 3 of 3:1
Warmup: Row 500m; Pushups x20; Chinups x20; Air Squats x20; Reverse Hyper x20; Toes to Bar x20; Kettlebell Swings x20
**15min for warmup Take your time its not a metcon

Weighted Pull-Up; 1-1-1-1-1
**Allow 15 Minutes for Weighted Pull-Up – Find 1 Rep Max

**10:1 Ladder for Tx
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of the following Triplet
225# Deadlifts (Scale Accordingly)
Chest Slap Pushups
Toes to Bar

End with 800m-Run

9.26.12 All sorts of stuff, Rxd warm up, turkish stuff, windmills, strength, oh my!

Day 2 of 3:1
Warm Up:Foam Roller – Free Elements; Bushman Pose x1 minute; Long Stretch – Alternate x8 total; Pistols – Alternate x 14 total; Pass Thru’s x14; Air Squat x14; Crawl x40 yds (20 out 20 back)

**DB or KB Load/Scale as needed
Windmill Pose – Alternate x8 total
Turkish Get Up – Alternate x8 total

**Work rep ladder up to challenging 3 rep set and begin
Deadlift 3-3-2-2-1-1-1
Push Jerk 3-3-2-2-1-1-1

9.21.12 Here Come the WODs

Running Drills x25 yds: Butt Kicks, High Knees, Dive and Drive, Lateral Shuffle, Backwards Run, Karaoke, pigs on skates
Shoulder Mobility: Pass Thrus x15, Games Push Up x10
Hip Mobility: Bottom to Bottom Squats x25 w/2sec holds, Lateral Lunge, Leg Swings, bushman pose, samson stretch

9.21.12 – Meet at Burton for fun with rats…

5 RFtx of the following:
o 100m Sprint
o 20 SitUp GetUps (full stand between reps)
o 100m Backward Run
o 20 Shoot Thrus

9.22.12 – Meet at Dondero for fun with transients…
GYMNASTIC/MET-CON *** Equipment: Pull Up Bar – Gym Rings (arrange equipment pickup)
• 15 Minute AMRAP of the following:
o Up/Down Bleachers x2
o PullUp x10
o Plyo Bleacher Jump x20

9.23.12 – Meet at Burton or go do some crazy pack run carrying a log while chafing
WEIGHTLIFTING/GYMNSTIC/MET-CON ***Equipment: 45# Rogue Bumper Plates + All Kettlebells (arrange equipment pickup) **Two Athletes can go at one time….9 minutes will allow all athletes to finish within the hour. Athletes sitting out can keep count for those that are performing the W.O.D..
• 9 minute AMRAP of the following:
o 45# Plate Shuttle Run x40 yds. (20 out 20 back)
o Games Burpee x3 (No-Clap/Jump on plate)
o Right Handed Russian KB Swing x5
o Left Handed Russian KB Swing x5

9.19.12 FGB


The First Rule of Fight Club – Kittens are super cute!

Warm UP: Running Drills x25 yds: Butt Kicks, High Knees, Dive and Drive, Lateral Shuffle, Backwards Run; Shoulder Mobility: Pass Thrus, Burgeners 3×3 w/10 overhead squats at each end, Games Push Up x10; Hip Mobility: Bottom to Bottom Squats x25 w/2sec holds, Lateral Lunge, Wall Sit w/Adduction x1min., Leg Swings

FGB Description – In this workout you spend one minute at each of five stations, resulting in a a five-minute round after which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. This event calls for three rounds. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of ‘rotate,’ the athletes must move to the next station immediately. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower, where each calorie is one point.

The stations are:

  • 20# Wall-Ball-Shot, 10 ft target (Reps)
  • 75# Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Reps)
  • Box Jump (Reps)
  • 75# Push-Press (Reps)
  • Row (Calories)

9.18.12 Oy! My belly hurts from all that food…


That’s the last of my self deprecating Jewish humor until next week when it’s Yom Kippur.

Warm Up:


-FOAM ROLLER – FREE ELEMENTS – 5 minutes; Jumping Jacks x15sec; Mountain Climbers x15sec; Games Push Up x15sec; Hollow Rock x15sec

REST 30 seconds


REST 30 seconds


STRENGTH:  **Partner Up & Start w/ moderate Load – Get to 80% of 1rm and perform the following: Front Squat – 3-3-3-3-3; Shoulder Press – 3-3-3-3-3

W.O.D.: 10 RFt: 90# Farmer Carry x 20yds;  Burpees x10

9.17.12 Rosh Hashanah Workout


On this holiest of holies…we shall do the following and we shall make G-d proud of our masculinity.

Warm-Up: Foam Roller – Free Elements; AirSquat x15; Samson Stretch x10 steps; Pigs On Skates x20 steps; Hand Stand Hold x1minute; Hanging Hollow Rock x20; Snatch Balance w/PVC; Bird Pickers x20; Leg Swing – Forward/Lateral x12; Pistols x10 total; Shoot Thru’s x20

**All of the above x2

5 RFtx of the following complex: Double Under Jump Rope x40 (sub 80 singles);  145 # Deadlift x20;  Push-ups x20;  145 #  Deadlift x10; Push-Ups x10